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DZ State Group Setup window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation.

Permission to access this window is granted to the Tax Setup Task (Prior to Build 72, permissions were granted to the Import Task.

Window Description

The DZ State Group Setup window allows you to create, modify and delete Group ID's.

Window Field Options

  • Group ID
  • Scrolling window
    • Type or select the two letter state code, the name of the state will be entered automatically.

To create an Import Group:

  1. Type an ID in the Group ID field.
  2. Add as many states as desired to the group.
  3. Close the window when finished.

To delete a state from an existing Group ID:

  1. Place your cursor on the line for the state you wish to remove.
  2. Select Edit » Delete Row from the main menu bar.

To delete a state record with a blank state code

Simply opening and closing this window should remove any state group setup records that somehow got created with no state code.

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