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DZ Set Posting Accounts window

Access via DynamicZip Routines Navigation

Permission to access this window is granted to the Setup Posting Task.

Window Description

The DZ Set Posting Accounts window allows you to update the posting accounts for a range of Tax Details.

The range choices available include the two-letter state code, a tax Administrator within the selected state, and a range of Tax Details. You can also pre-assign posting accounts for new tax details on a state-by-state basis in the DZ State Setup window.

Taxes associated with any tax detail that does not have a specific posting account assigned to it will be posted to the default posting account. Please see Posting Account Setup window for more information.

The DZ Report Temp Report is used to preview or review the results of this process.


  • Limit To
    • Taxable
    • Exempt
    • All (exempt and taxable)
  • Account Number

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