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DZ Exemption Type Maintenance window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation

Permission to access this window is granted to the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

With this window you can create Exemption Type and assign your own descriptions to them. This is helpful for companies that need to identify the reason for tax exemption for their own purposes or for reporting purposes.

Use the browse buttons to browse through the exemption types that have been set up; the records can be sorted by Exemption Type or Description. By clicking the printer symbol in the upper-right corner you can also print a list of the exemption types that have been set up.

Use the DZ Customer Address Supplement window for assigning exemption types to specific customer Address ID's.

It is important to understand that the Exemption Type is assigned to the customer's Address ID and not to a particular document. In other words, all sales documents using that specific customer's Address ID will inherit the assigned Exemption Type. This is true even if the sales document has been posted prior to assigning the Exemption Type. DynamicZip Tax Reports will reflect the Exemption Type assigned at the time the report is run.

HINT: On the DZ Report Section Options window you can specify Exemption Type as one of the 4 sort sections and elect to print a header and/or a footer each time the Exemption Type changes .

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