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About DynamicZip window

This window can be accessed from any of the DynamicZip menus such as the DynamicZip Routines Navigation.

Window Description

The About DynamicZip window provides information about your build of DynamicZip, the modules that are enabled, access to DynamicZip Help, and how to reach Kamp-Data.

DynamicZip Version & Build Numbers

Starting with Build 72 the DynamicZip Version Number is displayed in the following format: v.10.0.72. The first two numbers following the v is the Microsoft Dynamics GP version that this release is designed to be used with. In this example, the Microsoft Dynamics GP version is 10.0. This is followed by the DynamicZip build number. In this example, the DynamicZip build number is 72.

DynamicZip Additional Windows

1) , 2) , 3)
Removed in Build 77.0
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