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 +======Tax Engine Minimum Tax Bug======
 +The Microsoft Dynamics GP Tax Engine fails to properly calculate tax under the following circumstances:​
 +  * The Taxable Amount: Minimum is greater than zero.
 +  * Include: is set to Amount within Range.
 +  * Qualifers: is set to Invoice Total.
 +When the above conditions are all true, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Tax Engine calculates the tax as though Include: was set to Full Amount.
 +This irregularity was initially discovered and reported to Microsoft May 13, 2008. At this time it appeared that the only jurisdiction affected by this problem is Catawba Indian Reservation,​ SC.
 +On July 2, 2008 Microsoft responded with the following:
 +The steps that I sent to you were sent to the correct team under Collaboration Request #5032 (Total Taxable Sales and Tax Amount incorrect when using the "​Amount Within Range" Include option and then "​Invoice Total" Qualifier option for sales tax details).
 +I was informed that the behavior that we have tested on is correct and is by design. Here are more details:
 +1. The "​Amount within Range" Include option only applies to the "Unit Amount"​ and "​Extended Amount"​ qualifiers for the following modules:
 +  * Sales Order Processing
 +  * Purchase Order Processing ​
 +  * Invoicing
 +2. The "​Invoice Total" qualifier does not work in these modules in the same way. If this is selected then the Min and Max values that are placed in the "​Taxable Amount"​ section are only used as qualifiers to whether tax should be a calculated on the transaction.
 +I sincerely apologize that the documentation that are available on setting up tax details did not inform us of these exceptions. I will send an email to the correct team to request for this information to be included in at least one of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Help Files.\\ ​
 +[[dynamiczip:​troubleshooting:​issues:​known_microsoft_dynamics_gp_issues|Microsoft Dynamics GP Known Issues]] ​
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