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 +======SOP Tax Schedule Roll Down======
 +The Microsoft Dynamics GP [[dynamics:​windows:​Sales Transaction Entry window]] ​ does not roll down a modified Tax Schedule ID when it rolls down the related change to the shipping address to existing line items.
 +===== Problem Description:​ =====
 +  * After entering one or more line items in Sales Transaction Entry the user can modify the document'​s Ship To Address on the document header or via the Sales Customer Detail Entry window. After doing so, the user is prompted "Do you want to roll down changes to line items with the same Ship To Address ID?". If the user selects "​Yes",​ the changes (including changes made to the Tax Schedule ID) are properly rolled down and applied. ​
 +  * If the user modifies the Shipping Method to one with a different [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Shipping Type]] the user is prompted to roll down the changes, and once again Dynamics performs perfectly - rolling down and applying the new Tax Schedule ID as part of the process.
 +  * **The problem:** When a user manually modifies the document'​s Ship To Address via the Sales Ship To Address Entry window, as well as the related Tax Schedule ID in the Sales Customer Detail Entry window, and clicks OK to save the changes, the user receives the same prompt mentioned above. However, selecting "​Yes"​ in this scenario does __not__ result in the Tax Schedule ID being rolled down and applied.
 +A support incident (# 9220075) was submitted to Microsoft June 10, 2008.
 +Microsoft replied June 11, 2008 with the following:
 +Your observation is correct. Tax Schedule ID does not roll down when you manually change it from the Sales Customer Detail Entry window. However, we do provide free customization that can change the behavior of the Tax Schedule ID in SOP Entry. Below are some details:
 +  - If the Tax Schedule ID is changed in the Sales Customer Detail Entry, when pressing OK to return back to Sales Transaction Entry, the newly selected Tax Schedule ID is rolled down to the individual line items and taxes recalculated for the document. If the user exits the window by using Cancel, no changes will occur.
 +  - When adding new line items to a Sales Document in which the default tax schedule has been changed, normally the Tax Schedule will be pulled from the Customer Ship To Address. With this customization,​ the Tax Schedule ID will always be forced to use the Tax Schedule ID that the main SOP Document is using.
 +I have attached this customization in this email. ​
 +Instructions for installing the customization:​
 +Product Installation
 +  - The first step is to copy the TXROLDN.CNK file to your current GP directory of each of your client machines. ​
 +  - Launch GP. 
 +  - If you receive a question about "Do you want to include new code...."​ Choose Yes to this question, and it will install the new code for this product. ​
 +[[dynamiczip:​troubleshooting:​issues:​known_microsoft_dynamics_gp_issues|Microsoft Dynamics GP Known Issues]]
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