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DZ Tax Schedule Supplement table

Permissions to access this table is granted to the Tax Setup Task

Display Name DZ Tax Schedule Supplement
Technical Name KD_TaxScheduleSupplement
Physical Name DZ01400
Database COMPANY

The primary purpose of this table is to assist in the process of Automatic Tax Schedule Selection.



  • This table was initially added to the DynamicZip code in Build 66.
    • Taxable and exempt schedules were added to this table starting with a release of Build 66.
    • Since the table had not been put to use, a release of Build 67 discontinued adding records to the table.
  • This table was initially put into use with Build 72.
    • Since officially using this table only taxable schedules have been added.
  • Table converted for Build 74 to also store the Tax Schedule's RateSet Index, source database, ZIP and Tax Schedule Selection Priority.

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