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DZ Plus4 Geocode table

Permission to access this table is granted to the Tax Setup Task.

Display Name DZ Plus4 Geocode
Technical Name KD_Plus4Geocode
Physical Name DZ00800
Database COMPANY1)

This table2) contains a record for each contiguous group of Plus4's having a common Tax Location for each ZIP Code included in the import that is not for a single rate state.

The table is populated by the rate & boundary import but only if the optional Zip+4 Option is enabled and the ZipPlus4.txt file exists in the Import Folder.

The table is used by the Zip+4 Option to identify the Tax Location county based on the ZIP+4 in the address.

Data Model Changes

Build 74

Fields Added

  • RateSet Index

Fields Removed

  • Default For Zip

Build 72

Fields Added

  • KD Update Number (Used to identify which records were included in a particular update.)

DynamicZip Tables

Prior to build 74 this table was in the DYNAMICS database
Added with Build 70.
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