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 +======Assume Taxable=====
 +When this option ((This option removed in Build 74.0)) is selected , DynamicZip will ignore the [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Exempt Tax Schedule]] and automatically assign a taxable tax schedule under the following conditions:
 +  * If there is a [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Taxable_Tax_Schedule|Taxable Tax Schedule]] for this address. ​
 +  * If the customer(s) have a [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Base Taxable Status]] of Default in the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Customer Supplement window]] ​
 +  * A [[dynamiczip:​features:​schedule_assignment:​valid_tax_schedule_selection| valid tax schedule]] has not already been selected. ​
 +**NOTE:** If a customer already has an exempt tax schedule that DynamicZip sees as [[dynamiczip:​features:​schedule_assignment:​valid_tax_schedule_selection|valid]] then that exempt tax schedule will not be overridden. ​
 +Please see these other settings that relate to Assume Taxable.
 +  * [[dynamiczip:​windows:​preserve_exempt|Preserve Exempt]] ((This field removed in Build 74.0))
 +  * [[dynamiczip:​setup:​Exempt Always Valid]] ​
 +  * [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Customer Supplement window]] ​
 +[[dynamiczip:​windows:​DynamicZip Setup window]]\\
 +[[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Assign Customer Tax Schedules window]] \\
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