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Always Taxed Items

If certain items are to be taxed even when sold to an exempt customer, then you can enable this feature in the DynamicZip Setup window Item Categories with a Tax Option of Taxable and a Tax Schedule ID of ALWAYS TAXED (in the DZ Tax By Item Category Setup window will be taxed based on the line's tax schedule. If that tax schedule is a Zip Code Exempt Schedule then the related ZIP Code taxable schedule will be used in its place.

  • This feature is enabled in SOP only.
  • This feature is not intended for use with the Item Categories of FREIGHT or MISC.
  • The Tax Schedule ALWAYS TAXED, will automatically be created for use with this feature.

To Setup Always Taxed Items:

  1. Open the DynamicZip Setup window and ensure that the Always Taxed Items checkbox is selected.
  2. Create the Item Category ALWAYS TAXED for your Always Taxed Items using the DZ Item Category Maintenance window.
  3. Assign your Always Taxed Items to the Item Category using the DZ Modify Item Supplement window or the DZ Item Supplement window.
  4. Enter the state in which you wish to always tax the items.
  5. Enter the Item Category created in step 2.
  6. Set the Tax Option field to Taxable.
  7. Enter “ALWAYS TAXED” in the Tax Schedule ID field.
  8. Press Save.

NOTE: If you have one or more customers who must be exempt, even on always taxed items, then you can use the always exempt option on the DZ Customer Supplement window.

DynamicZip Setup window

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