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DynamicZip Requirements

DynamicZip has both software and hardware minimum requirements.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • 4 MB or more hard drive space for the DynamicZip installation files.
  • 200 MB or more hard drive space for Microsoft SQL Server files.


Installing DynamicZip and importing the Rate & Boundary Database for all states increased database size as follows:

  • DYNAMICS by 59 MB 1)
  • COMPANY by 135 MB 2)

Enabling the DynamicZip Zip+4 Option and importing the Plus4.txt file for all states further increased database size as follows:

  • COMPANY by 39 MB 3)

These numbers were calculated using Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with DynamicZip build 72.

Frequently Asked Questions

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