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Build 69

This DynamicZip build is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP v.9
Release date March 6, 2006.

Monitor the status of DynamicZip tables. Prior to this release, DynamicZip created and maintained the DZ Table Status Table as a way of tracking which build the tables were created under and thereby identifying which tables need to converted and which conversion process to use. This proved to be problematic. This build introduces dynamic monitoring of the DynamicZip Tables. The status of the tables is now determined by examining the tables themselves instead of relying on the contents of the DZ Table Status table.

New and improved SQL table conversion process. We are now using SQL temp tables and SQL statements for most of the conversion process in place of using the conventional ctree tables and Dexterity functions and procedures. This improves the performance and reliability as well as giving us more control over the process.

Improved error handling when table problems exist. Prior to this release, attempting to access a DynamicZip window or feature when DynamicZip tables are missing, damaged or require conversion would result in a system error message box popping up. We now disable DynamicZip when these problems exist and present the user with a message to that effect if they attempt to access DynamicZip in a way that would otherwise have thrown the system error message.


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