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Shipping Type

Shipping Method is a Microsoft Dynamics GP field. You can refer to the Microsoft Dynamics GP documentation for information on shipping methods. The thing of primary interest in regards to sales and purchase tax is the Shipping Method's Shipping Type: Pickup or Delivery. The shipping type can be used by Microsoft Dynamics GP when assigning a transaction's tax schedule.

NOTE: This article was written with the assumption that the Use Shipping Method When Selecting Default Tax Schedule option is selected.

Tax on Sales

  • For sales picked up by the customer, your inventory site's sales tax schedule is the default.
  • For sales delivered to the customer, the customer's ship-to address tax schedule is the default.

Tax on Purchases

  • For purchases picked up from the vendor, the vendor's ship-from address tax schedule will be the default.
  • For purchases delivered to your inventory site, your inventory site's purchase tax schedule is the default.

Tax Location

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