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 +======Lesson Company======
 +The Microsoft Dynamics GP sample company used for testing and for familiarizing new users with setting up and using their Microsoft Dynamics GP installation. The lesson company'​s name is Fabrikam, Inc. Microsoft Dynamics GP ships with sample "​lesson company"​ data. 
 +The sample company was formerly know as "The World Online",​ which is why the Fabrikam company SQL database is called "​TWO"​.
 +**HINT:** DynamicZip can be tested in Fabrikam for free! 
 +**HINT:** It is possible to [[dynamiczip:​faq:​creating_a_dz_test_company_faq|backup your main company database and restore it overwriting the TWO database]]. This allows you to test DynamicZip in conjunction with your "​live"​ data in Fabrikam.
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