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 +======Jurisdiction Discrepancy======
 +When the tax details attached to a document contain conflicting information about the document'​s [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Jurisdiction]] the [[dynamiczip:​reports:​DynamicZip Tax Reports]] will use Jurisdiction Discrepancy as the description of the jurisdiction. This indicates that the tax details contain more than one city, county or state. More than one [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Geocode]] will also produce this result.
 +A [[dynamiczip:​install:​mods:​release:​build72:​build72|Build 72]] enhancement also checks the document'​s tax details that have been excluded by a report restriction for a possible jurisdiction discrepancy. Prior to this enhancement,​ only the tax details included on the report were checked for a jurisdiction discrepancy. This additional test is performed only for [[dynamiczip:​reports:​Document Centric]] reports and then only when the report has a restriction that could cause the discrepancy to otherwise go unnoticed.
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