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 +======Exemption Type======
 +A DynamicZip Exemption Type was created as a way to identify why a particular customer ship-to address is tax exempt. Use the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Exemption Type Maintenance window]] to create exemption types as desired. For example you could create the following:
 +  * Exemption Type: DIRECT Description:​ Direct Permit Holder
 +  * Exemption Type: GOVERNMENT Description:​ Government Agency
 +  * Exemption Type: MEDICAL Description:​ Hospitals / Medical
 +  * Exemption Type: RESALE Description:​ Resale Permit Holder
 +While Exemption Type was created to identify tax exemption types, it can also be used to identify sales to various classes of taxable customers. ​
 +Assigning an Exemption Type to a customer does not make the customer exempt. Use the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Customer Supplement window]] to specify that a customer is exempt.
 +[[dynamiczip:​reports:​DynamicZip Tax Reports]] can be sorted and or restricted by Exemption Type.
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