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 +====== Exempt Tax Detail ======
 +Exempt details are identical to their counterpart (taxable details) except that they have a zero tax rate and contain an "​X",​ "​Y"​ or "​Z"​ in position 15 of their Tax Detail ID. Please see [[dynamiczip:​features:​white_papers:​dynamic_zip_tax_detail_id_format|DynamicZip Tax Detail ID Format]] for more information.
 +The primary purpose for using Exempt Tax Details is for tracking exempt transactions. The most positive way to identify a transaction'​s [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Location]] is by refering to the [[dynamiczip:​features:​white_papers:​Document Tax Details]]. If you use ZIP Code Exempt Schedules, then these Exempt Tax Details will be attached to your exempt transactions,​ and DynamicZip will be able to report these transactions as accurately as your taxable transactions.
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