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Base on Customer

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a method of tax calculation called Base on Customer. This feature essentially results in the customer's tax being based solely on the tax schedule assigned to the customer (or to an individual transaction). This is in contrast to Advanced Tax Calculation, which requires the Tax Option of Taxable.

DynamicZip Setup Options:

This feature essentially provides a simple way to use a single tax schedule for tax calculations even when Advanced Tax Calculation is enabled. The source of this single tax schedule depends on the Shipping Type.

The simplest way to setup and use DynamicZip is to utilize this Base on Customer feature. However, Microsoft Dynamics GP does not provide the feature in the Receivables Transaction Entry window nor in the Payables Transaction Entry window.

DynamicZip provides an option in the DynamicZip Setup window to effectively accomplish the same result in these two windows. The options are:

  • Receivables Trx Entry - Base on Customer
  • Payables Trx Entry - Base on Vendor

Selection of these options will enable DynamicZip triggers that will copy changes to the document Tax Schedule ID field back to the underlying Tax Schedule ID's for Sales/Purchase, Freight and Miscellaneous depending on your selection in the DynamicZip Setup window.


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