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Purchase Order Processing


The Accrue in POP feature is available in two Microsoft Dynamics GP windows. These are the Receivings Transaction Entry window (Shipment/Invoice) and the Purchasing Invoice Entry window (Enter/Match Invoices). Both are in the Purchase Order Processing module.

For this feature to work, Microsoft Dynamics GP must first calculate use tax on the invoice. We will refer to the tax calculated by Microsoft Dynamics GP as the “billed” Tax Detail. We will refer to the tax accrued by DynamicZip as the “accrued” tax details.

NOTE: If Microsoft Dynamics GP does not calculate any use tax, then DynamicZip will not accrue any use tax. If the vendor is not billing you for the use tax, you can zero out the tax amount on the face of the invoice and delete the billed tax details (by clicking the Delete button on the Receivings/Purchasing Invoice Tax Summary Entry windows). The accrual made by DynamicZip will remain in place. The normal method of using the Use Tax Accrual feature is by deleting the billed tax details while retaining the accrued tax details.

The DynamicZip use tax reports will include the posted Purchase Order Processing documents accordingly (based on the reports' restrictions - date range, doc. number, state, etc.).

NOTE: The DZ POP Invoice Accrued Tax Summary Entry window does not allow the user to modify the individual accrued tax detail records. Instead the window allows the user to Copy the billed tax details as they currently exist on the invoice. We designed it this way because copying still (indirectly) allows the user to modify the accrued use tax details while ensuring that the accrual matches the invoice. ALSO NOTE: The window also allows the user to Default in the tax details. Clicking the Default button will restore the accrued tax details to their default value. Alternately, the user can remove the use tax accrual from the current document by clicking the Delete button .

Default Posting Accounts

Please refer to Use Tax Accrual for posting account information .


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