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 +====== Import States ======
 +This feature is available via the menu choice //​DynamicZip >> Import States// in the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ State Setup window]].
 +This allows you to populate the [[dynamiczip:​tables:​DZ State Setup Table]] as a separate step from the [[dynamiczip:​features:​import:​rate_and_boundary_import|rate & boundary import]].
 +This doesn'​t have to be done, as it happens during the rate & boundary import. But by choosing to do this before you run your first rate & boundary import, you could potentially save yourself some time by avoiding the need to re-import after making changes to the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ State Setup window]]. ​
 +**NOTE:** A message will give you the option to continue or cancel.
 +[[dynamiczip:​windows:​DynamicZip Additional Windows]]
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