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Country Default

Neither the ZIPsales Database or Zip2Tax Database contain country names. If you want your addresses to include a country name, then you can enable this feature, and specify the country code you want to use in the DynamicZip Setup window for the USA (and/or Canada).

NOTE: Prior to Build 72 country codes were not supported. Earlier versions of this feature auto-populated the country name as opposed to the country code.

When this feature is enabled, the Rate & Boundary Import will add the Country Code Default to the addresses being imported into the DZ Zip Address table Once the country code field is populated in the Zip Address table, ZipAddressing will automatically populate the country code along with the city and state.

  • Country Code Default for U.S.A.
  • Country Code Default for Canada

The values contained in these Country Code Default fields are also utilized by the Restrict By Country settings.

NOTE: Neither the ZIPsales Database or Zip2Tax Database include postal codes or addresses for Canada. Therefore, the Country Code default for Canada will only be used when importing from an alternate data source.

Please see Setup Country Default FAQ for help with configuring the Country Code Defaults for U.S.A. and/or Canada.


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