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Importing Canadian Postal Codes

The Rate & Boundary Database does not include Canadian Postal Codes. As a result, ZipAddressing will not work for Canadian Postal Codes unless you find another source for this data.

One source of Canadian Postal Codes is The following are instructions regarding the use of this data.

The recommended database is their Canada Complete which includes multiple city names for each postal code where appropriate.

To import this database into DynamicZip complete the following steps:

  1. Select Import From Other.
  2. Enter a name, such as GREAT DATA, into the Import Source field.
  3. When you tab off the Import Source field you will be asked if you want to add this import source. Select Add to open the DZ Zip Address Import Setup window.
  4. Enter a Description such as
  5. Select a File Type of Comma.
  6. Enter 3 for the City Position.
  7. Leave the County Position blank.
  8. Enter 2 for the State Position.
  9. Enter 1 for the ZIP Code Position.
  10. Leave the Country Position blank. Alternately you can modify the import file to include another field containing the value desired for the country Canada.
  11. Enter 4 for the Geocode Position. The combination of ZIP Code and Geocode create a unique key for the DZ Zip Address table. By importing the Great Data sequence number value into the Geocode field, multiple cities can be imported that share a single Postal Code.
  12. Click Save and close the DZ Zip Address Import Setup window.
  13. Select Import on the DZ Zip Address Import window.

If you are subject to tax in some provinces but not in all, please see Statewide Schedules for more information.


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