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 +======We have taxable and nontaxable goods that are always sold together. We would like to use a single Inventory Item for the sale of these goods. Is this possible with DynamicZip?​====== ​
 +At times you may have a single [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Inventory Item]] in which you are only required to collect partial tax on. For example you may be selling a package which includes nontaxable labor plus a taxable item. If you setup this package as a single item you will find that when entering this package on a sales document it must be either totally taxable or totally exempt. There is not a way in Microsoft Dynamics GP to setup an item as partially taxable.
 +When using DynamicZip for managing and maintaining your [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Detail]] and [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Schedule]] the simplest solution is to split the package into two inventory items. One item for all of the taxable parts, and the other item for all of the nontaxable parts.
 +[[dynamiczip:​faq:​Frequently Asked Questions]] \\ 
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