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How do I begin charging sales tax in a previously untaxed state?

These steps were written with the assumption that you were using Statewide Schedules for the previously untaxed state.

  1. Open the DZ State Setup window and pull up the state.
  2. Delete the values from the Taxable ID and the Exempt ID fields.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. If you use a Group ID then you must add this state to it. Alternately, you can import only this state or select the Update All States checkbox.
  5. Run the Assign Tax Schedules routine to update customer addresses in this state with Zip Code Tax Schedules.

IMPORTANT: These same instructions apply for switching to Zip Code Tax Schedules in a state where a single flat rate has been used.

NOTE: During the Assign Tax Schedules process, DynamicZip replaces the statewide Taxable IDs with Zip Code Tax Schedules and the statewide Exempt IDs with Zip Code Exempt Schedules.


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