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 +======How can I enter sales tax adjustments that will be properly reported using the DynamicZip sales tax reports?​======
 +The "​correct"​ way to handle tax adjustments,​ as far as DynamicZip tax reports are concerned, is to create a return for the entire incorrect document and then reenter it correctly. This way the return offsets/​zero'​s out the incorrect document on the report. The replacement document is complete and will be handled correctly by the reporting process.
 +The issue here is related to the DynamicZip report option "​[[dynamiczip:​windows:​Reconcile Documents]]"​. There are some inherent problems in generating meaningful sales tax reports with totals that agree with the documents. For example, creating a credit memo or return that has a sales amount of zero on the face of the document, but a non-zero sales amount on the tax detail results in some obvious reconciling problems.
 +[[dynamiczip:​faq:​Frequently Asked Questions]]
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