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Rate and Boundary Import Checklist

Click here for a video tutorial on the Monthly Rate and Boundary Import process.

IMPORTANT: For first time installations, please be sure to complete the new install instructions prior to importing. Some setup options will only take effect once the import process completes.

Before Importing

Please see Pre Import Tasks to prepare for this import.


  1. Select the Import Source. Select ZIPsales Database, Zip2Tax Database or Complete+ Database depending on which one you have purchased.
  2. Select to import the following:
  3. Verify Rates and Boundaries is optional and can be run separately.
  4. Tax on Purchases. Select this if you want to import use tax for Purchases.
  5. Enter or select the Local Import Path.
  6. SQL Optimize should be selected.
  7. Path on Server is optional.
  8. Specify the Group ID for the state(s) you want to import, or select Update All States Tax Schedules.
  9. Click the Import button to start the import process.

After Import Completes

Validate and Update Addresses

Assign Tax Schedules

Update tax on unposted transactions

If you want to roll the newly imported tax rate and boundary changes out to existing documents that have not been posted, please see:


If you have purchased the Zip+4 option
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