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 +======What is meant by Jurisdiction Sort?======
 +DynamicZip defines a Jurisdiction as a unique collection of [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Detail]] In other words, if a transaction has three associated tax details, those three tax details represent a jurisdiction. Every other transaction included in the report that has those three and only those three tax details will be included in that particular jurisdiction.
 +Jurisdictions will have as their description "State (County) City" as applicable. If the collection of tax details includes multiple states, counties or cities, the jurisdiction will have the description [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​jurisdiction_discrepancy|Jurisdiction Discrepancy]]. If multiple jurisdictions have the same description,​ each of those jurisdictions will have a different collection of tax details.
 +[[dynamiczip:​faq:​Frequently Asked Questions]] ​
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