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How do I import ZIP Addresses only?

Zip Addresses will be imported automatically during the Rate & Boundary Import process.

To import zip addresses for states in which you do not collect sales tax:

Build 74 and Later

  1. Create a group of the desired states making sure not to include any of the states in which you do collect sales tax.
  2. In the DZ Rate And Boundary Import window select the following options:
    • Import Source = KampDatabase
    • FIPS Codes = checked
    • Zip Address = checked
    • Rates = unchecked
    • Boundaries = unchecked
    • Zip+4 = unchecked
    • Verify Rates and Boundaries = unchecked
    • Tax on Purchases = unchecked
    • Report Level = Warning
    • Local Import Path = browse to and select the folder that contains the KampDatabase files
    • SQL Optimize = checked
    • Path on Server = blank
    • All states = unchecked
    • Group ID = the group id for this group of states.
  3. Click the Import button.
  4. A popup message will ask if you want to continue without a Path on Server. Select to Continue.

Build 73 and earlier

Importing Zip Addresses is only required if you want to import Zip Addresses only or if you are importing from some other source than the Rate & Boundary Database

You will need a Zip Address Import Source File

Please see Import Zip Addresses for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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