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Customer County Tax Exemption

How can I make a single customer exempt from a county tax?

To handle a customer who is tax exempt from a county tax you could create a custom Tax Schedule The custom tax schedule could have the state Tax Detail, the exempt county Tax Detail (So your sales to this customer's county could be tracked and reported as exempt sales) as well as any city or local Tax Detail that may apply.

The following is a step by step example for handling a Canadian customer who is exempt from the Manitoba county (Province) tax.

  1. Open the DZ State Setup window and create the state of MB.
  2. Once MB has been saved in the DZ State Setup window run the Create Statewide Taxable Schedules process.
  3. On the first pop-up window choose “Continue”.
  4. On the second pop-up window choose “No”.
  5. After the process completes close the DZ State Setup window.
  6. Pull up the Tax Schedule “MBTAXABLE”, and add the following Tax Detail to it;CNSSCANADAS001,CNSNMANITOB001X.
  7. Remove the “MBTAXABLE” Tax Detail from the “MBTAXABLE” Tax Schedule.
  8. Save and close the Tax Schedule Maintenance window.
  9. Enable Update Blank & Zip ID's Only (If it is already enabled you can skip this step).
  10. Save and close the DynamicZip Setup window.
  11. Open the Customer Maintenance window and pull up the customer who is exempt from the Manitoba county tax.
  12. Pull up the customer's Manitoba Address ID, and enter “MBTAXABLE” into that Address ID's Tax Schedule ID field.
  13. Save and close the Customer Maintenance window.

After completing the above process the Rate & Boundary Import and Assign Tax Schedules routines should not affect the changes made. You should only need to undertake this process once.

If you have any other customers who are in Manitoba and are exempt from the Manitoba county tax you can repeat steps 13 through 15.

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