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 +======Why would documents be missing from my reports?​======
 +Standard DynamicZip tax reports are based on the RM Key File. This table provides a good starting place to pull transactions originating in any sales module into the report. If the RM Key File record is missing for any sales document, that document will be excluded from standard DynamicZip reports. ​
 +The process is different for SQL Optimized DynamicZip reports, but the RM Key File record is still required for proper linking to the originating document. ​
 +This problem can be corrected by running the appropriate Check Links procedure. The tables involved are the Sales Series Receivables Open Transaction Files and Receivable Transaction History Files. Please refer to your Microsoft Dynamics GP documentation for more information and instructions on checking links.
 +[[dynamiczip:​faq:​Frequently Asked Questions]] ​
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