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 +======How do I create a new report option?​======
 +  - Open the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​dz_reports_window|DZ Reports window]]. ​
 +  - Select a report from the Reports list.
 +  - Click New to open the [[dynamiczip:​windows:​DZ Report Options window]].
 +  - Name your new report option and modify the sort order by clicking the Primary Sort expansion button to open the DZ Report Section Options window. The selections available for sort order will vary depending on the report you select.
 +  - Select your range restrictions from the Ranges list.
 +  - Click Insert to insert the range in the Restrictions list. To remove a range from the Restrictions list, select the range and click Remove.
 +  - Click Destination to select where you want the report to print. Reports can be printed to the screen, to a printer, to a file, or any combination of these options. If you select Ask Each Time, you can select printing options each time you print this report.
 +  - Click Save to close the DZ Report Options window and return to the DZ Reports window. Your new report will show in the DZ Reports Options scrolling window.
 +[[dynamiczip:​faq:​Frequently Asked Questions]] ​
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